Satoru Hirami

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The occurrence of 41 pharmaceuticals and phytochemicals (PPs) including their metabolites was surveyed in hospital effluent in an urban area of Japan. A detailed survey of sewage treatment plant (STP) influent and effluent, and river water was also conducted. Finally, mass balances with mass fluxes of the target PPs through the water flow were evaluated and(More)
Intercalations of mercaptocarboxylic acid and dithiodicarboxylic acid in Mg-Al layered double hydroxide and their adsorption properties for heavy metal ions were examined. During the intercalation of mercaptocarboxylic acids, mercapto group was oxidized, and the corresponding dithiodicarboxylic acids were intercalated in the interlayer space of Mg-Al(More)
The distributions of 31 pharmaceuticals grouped into nine therapeutic classes, including six anticancer drugs, were investigated in the waters and sediments of an urban river in Japan. The coefficients of sorption (logK d) to the river sediments were also determined from the results of a field survey and laboratory-scale experiment. Three anticancer(More)
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