Satoru Abe

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IL-22 is one of several cytokines with limited homology to IL-10. However, the biological activities of IL-22 are mostly unknown. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of IL-22 on rat experimental autoimmune myocarditis (EAM) and elucidate an aspect of the biological activities of IL-22. Rats were immunized on day 0; IL-22-Ig-treated rats(More)
OBJECT The posterior ligamentous complex (PLC) in the thoracic and lumbar spine is one of the region's important stabilizers. The precise diagnosis of PLC injury is required to evaluate the instability of the injured spine; however, the accuracy of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging for diagnosing PLC injury has remained unclear. In this study, the authors(More)
Genetic responses that characterize experimental autoimmune myocarditis (EAM) have not yet been determined. To investigate gene expression in the myocardium of EAM, absolute copy numbers of 44 mRNA species [calcium-handling proteins, contractile proteins, natriuretic peptides (NPs), cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, renin-angiotensin-aldosterone (RAA)(More)
Gene therapy is expected to lead to new and useful methods to treat diseases. The development of assays to quantitate gene-therapy-derived proteins circulating in blood will be essential to investigate the effects and side effects of the introduced proteins. The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether a protein circulating at trace concentrations in(More)
The present study investigated the effects of interocular suppression on the pupillary constriction to luminance and color changes. Stable interocular suppression was produced by presenting a flickering high-contrast grating to one eye and a spatially homogeneous field to the other eye. The results showed that the pupillary responses to luminance as well as(More)
BACKGROUND Several prospective studies have shown that carotid endarterectomy can reduce the risk for subsequent ischemic stroke in patients with 70-99% stenosis of the internal carotid artery (ICA). However, its benefits are still controversial in less than 70% stenosis of the ICA. There is increasing evidence that carotid lumen irregularities may(More)
Here we present the rupture of ectopic jejunal varices developing in a liver transplant recipient without portal hypertension, which was successfully treated with percutaneous transhepatic coil embolization.A 48-year-old man with massive melena was admitted to our department. He had undergone liver transplantation for hepatitis B virus-related liver(More)
Pre-exposure to a stimulus can modulate initial perceptual dominance experienced in binocular rivalry with brief test stimuli (onset rivalry). This study investigated this modulating effect using both color and pattern stimuli. We confirmed separate contributions of eye- and feature-based suppressions and showed that their relative strength varied with(More)
It has been thought that the clinical course of patients with acute carotid occlusive disease depends on their collateral cerebral blood flow (CBF) and duration of ischemia. However, there have been few clinical reports to prove this hypothesis. Therefore, we performed CBF study in patients with artherosclerotic carotid occlusive disease in the very acute(More)
A 77-year-old female presented with a very rare case of intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) from a ruptured aneurysm at the site of the anastomosis 27 years after superficial temporal artery-middle cerebral artery (STA-MCA) bypass manifesting as sudden onset of unconsciousness and right hemiparesis. Computed tomography (CT) on admission demonstrated massive ICH(More)