Satomi S Kikuchi

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Advances in mouse neural circuit genetics, brain atlases, and behavioral assays provide a powerful system for modeling the genetic basis of cognition and psychiatric disease. However, a critical limitation of this approach is how to achieve concordance of mouse neurobiology with the ultimate goal of understanding the human brain. Previously, the common(More)
Experience-dependent structural changes in the developing brain are fundamental for proper neural circuit formation. Here, we show that during the development of the sensory cortex, dendritic field orientation is controlled by the BTB/POZ domain-containing 3 (BTBD3). In developing mouse somatosensory cortex, endogenous Btbd3 translocated to the cell nucleus(More)
OBJECTIVE Diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase 1 (DGAT1) catalyzes the final committed step in triglyceride biosynthesis. DGAT1 null mice are known to be resistant to diet-induced obesity, and more insulin sensitive relative to the wild-type; however, the mice exhibit abnormalities in the skin. This work determined whether the intestine-targeted DGAT1 inhibitor(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this pilot study was to consider evaluation of the psychological effects of dental prosthetic treatments using ESAM. METHOD We examined gum chewing with and without an occlusal interference device that simulated a negative change in oral sensation in four subjects. First, we analyzed the temporal components of mandibular movement(More)
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