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Previous studies have demonstrated that functional plasticity in the primary motor cortex (M1) is related to motor-skill learning and changes in the environment. Increased occlusal vertical dimension (iOVD) may modulate mastication, such as in the masticatory cycle, and the firing properties of jaw-muscle spindles. However, little is known about the changes(More)
The first step in the process of infections by the hepatitis C virus (HCV) is attachment to the host cell, which is assumed to be mediated by interaction of the envelope glycoproteins E1 and E2 with cell surface glycosaminoglycans. In this study, a variety of glycosaminoglycans, heparan sulfate (HS) from various bovine tissues as well as chondroitin sulfate(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of an experimentally-induced increase in the occlusal vertical dimension (iOVD) on the functional characteristics of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) mechanoreceptors in rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty 13-week-old male albino Wistar rats were divided into control and iOVD groups (30 animals each). The vertical dimension(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether low mechanical loading on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) when ingesting a liquid diet affects the response properties of neurons in the trigeminal spinal tract subnucleus caudalis (Sp5C) in growing rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS Shortly after weaning, 2-week-old male rats were fed chow pellets (control) or a liquid diet(More)
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