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AIM Apolipoprotein B-48 (apoB-48) is a major apolipoprotein of intestine-derived chylomicrons (CM) and CM remnants (CMR). Clinically overt hypothyroidism (OH) has been associated with premature and accelerated coronary atherosclerosis. To clarify the clinical significance of apoB-48 measurement in patients with thyroid disease, we investigated the(More)
BACKGROUND Measurement of carbohydrate antigen (CA) 19-9 is not applicable in patients with Lewis (Le) blood type, Le(a-b-). It is important to distinguish cases with Le(a-b-) before CA19-9 measurement. Therefore, we prepared a cut-off solution that gives a clear index to distinguish Le(a-b-) sera. METHOD The frequencies of Le blood types and the(More)
Apolipoprotein B-48 (apoB-48) is a constituent of chylomicrons and chylomicron remnants, and its serum concentration is thought to be one of the risk factors for atherosclerosis. Clinically overt hypothyroidism (OH) has been associated with accelerated and premature coronary atherosclerosis. In the current study, we measured the serum apoB-48 concentration(More)
BACKGROUND Apolipoprotein B-48 (apoB-48) is a constituent of chylomicron remnants synthesized in the small intestines. The serum concentration of apoB-48 at fasting has been reported to be a marker of postprandial hyperlipidemia, a presumed risk factor for atherosclerosis. METHODS We evaluated the basal performance of a recently developed chemiluminescent(More)
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