Satomi Kobayashi

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OBJECTIVE To compare the relative validity of food group intakes derived from a comprehensive self-administered diet history questionnaire (DHQ) and a brief-type DHQ (BDHQ) developed for the assessment of Japanese diets during the previous month using semi-weighed dietary records (DR) as a reference method. DESIGN Between November 2002 and September 2003,(More)
BACKGROUND A comprehensive self-administered diet history questionnaire (DHQ: 150-item semi-quantitative questionnaire) and a brief self-administered DHQ (BDHQ: 58-item fixed-portion-type questionnaire) were developed for assessing Japanese diets. We compared the relative validity of nutrient intake derived from DHQ with that from the BDHQ, using(More)
BACKGROUND Protein intake has been inversely associated with frailty. However, no study has examined the effect of the difference of protein sources (animal or plant) or the amino acid composing the protein on frailty. Therefore, we examined the association of protein and amino acid intakes with frailty among elderly Japanese women. METHODS A total of(More)
BACKGROUND Inducible co-stimulator (ICOS) is a co-stimulatory receptor on activated T cells that provides the signals needed for Th1 and Th2 responses via its interaction with B7h. Chronic focal infections are closely related to pustulosis palmaris et plantaris (PPP), but the involvement of ICOS in PPP has not been clarified. OBJECTIVE To investigate the(More)
The variants of the hypoxia-inducible factor-3α gene HIF-3α and NEPAS are known to repress the transcriptional activities driven by HIF-1α and HIF-2α. Although NEPAS has been shown to play an important role in vascular remodeling during lung development, little is known about the roles of HIF-3α in adult lung function. Here, we examined pulmonary(More)
BACKGROUND The association between dietary total antioxidant capacity (TAC) from different assays and serum C-reactive protein (CRP) has not been assessed in non-Western populations. We examined the association between dietary TAC and serum CRP concentration in young Japanese women using different four TAC assays. METHODS The subjects were 443 young(More)
We examined the cohabitational effect of the grandparents on dietary intakes among young Japanese women and their mothers, using data from a cross-sectional multicenter study conducted in 35 of 47 prefectures in Japan. Among a total of 2032 three-generation families, 1336 female dietetic students (18-20 years), 1336 of their mothers (36-59 years), and 1560(More)
AIM This study examined the factors associated with burdens on the primary caregivers of community-dwelling disabled people. METHODS Participants were 78 disabled people (40 men, 38 women; mean age 77.8+/-11.5 years) who received home-based physical therapy and/or occupational therapy, and their 78 caregivers (20 men, 58 women; mean age 66.8+/-10.2(More)
Mycobacterium abscessus is a rapidly growing mycobacterium found mainly in patients with respiratory or cutaneous infections, but it rarely causes disseminated infections. Little is known about the clinical characteristics, treatment, and prognosis of disseminated M abscessus infection. A 75-year-old Japanese woman who had been treated for 17 years with a(More)
Background: Accurate monitoring of sodium intake is necessary for evaluating strategies used to reduce sodium intake. However, no repeat survey has been conducted in representative populations in Japan to examine trends in sodium intake with the use of 24-h urinary sodium excretion, a standard evaluation method for sodium intake monitoring.Objective: The(More)