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To support development processes for nanodevices, we want to utilize the information related to experiments from nanodevice development research papers. In this paper, we propose a new guideline for constructing a tagged corpus of nanodevice development papers to achieve this goal. We also propose the use of a corpus construction support tool. To speed up(More)
As the number of weblog users increase, RSS readers, which collect update information delivered as RSS feeds from such web sites, become popular to be used. Most of the commonly used RSS readers are in a tasteless style. In contrast, we aim to make a new type of RSS readers with the concepts of 'pleasure' and 'comfort' in mind. This paper describes two(More)
Recent improvement of high-end GPUs has made it possible to perform real-time 3D visualization such as volume rendering and 3D contour plot for scientific data locally. A web browser based remote 3D visual-ization by visualization servers is attractive, but data transfer overhead prevents from performing interactive operations. We propose an interactive(More)
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