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Group-based emotions are experienced when individuals are engaged in emotion-provoking events that implicate the in-group. This research examines the complexity of group-based emotions, specifically a concurrence of positive and negative emotions, focusing on the role of dialecticism, or a set of folk beliefs prevalent in Asian cultures that views nature(More)
The current study disentangled two different effects of wealth on psychological tendency toward independence: one is an effect exerted at the individual level (i.e., being rich) and the other one is a contextual effect (i.e., being surrounded by rich individuals). Past research has found a stronger tendency toward independence among people in economically(More)
As enormous amount of electronic documents on the Web have been increasing, the necessity of automatic summarization has also been increasing to help people grasp the essential points of the documents. Many summa-rization techniques dealing with single document and multi-documents have been studied. However, due to the increase of the documents which report(More)
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