Satoko Morigaki

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The effect of l-menthol on the skin permeability of mannitol, cortisone or indomethacin was examined by an in vitro penetration technique with hairless mouse skin. The donor solution was prepared with phosphate buffered saline, ethanol:buffered saline (20:80, v/v) or ethanol:buffered saline (20:80, v/v) containing 1% (w/v) l-menthol. Although ethanol showed(More)
The ion pair skin transport of cephalexin was investigated using various counter ions and solvents. The permeability of cephalexin was enhanced by 1-alkylsulfonates (ASs) at pH 3.0 and by tetraalkylammoniums (AAs) at pH 7.0; the enhancing ratio increased with the number of carbon atoms in their alkyl chains. The corresponding effects of these additives were(More)
The current literature contains little information about laparoscopic surgery for pancreatic disease. We performed spleen-preserving distal pancreatectomy on 7 cases during the period from 2005 to 2008 at our university hospital, including 2 laparoscopic operations. Case 2: A 54-year-old woman was found to have a hypoechoic 4 x 4 cm lesion in the tail of(More)
The search for effective antibodies (Ab) for curable cancer immunotherapy has been a quest of many research groups in order to find an effective target that exists on the cancer cell surface. So far there have been no conclusive answers to shed light on the search. This study therefore aimed to bridge the gap of cancer therapy. Screening against 49 kinds of(More)
Skin permeation of amino acids through excised rat skin was measured at various pH values. The permeabilities varied with the donor pH and amino acid, indicating that each ionic species of amino acid may have a different permeability. The permeability coefficient of each ion was estimated from the permeability-pH profiles using the dissociation constants.(More)
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