Satoki Kawanishi

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We propose an optical flip-flop circuit composed of two-port resonant-tunneling filters based on a two-dimensional photonic crystal slab with a triangular air-hole lattice. This circuit can function as an optical digital circuit that synchronizes input data with a clock. In this report, we demonstrate that this circuit can achieve a fast operating speed(More)
We introduce a novel laser synthesizer with a simple configuration that contains no phase lock loop. This laser synthesizer generates an optical beat signal by modulating a CW light using a phase modulator and selecting two line spectra from modulation sidebands using serially-connected fiber Bragg gratings. With this configuration, the optical beat signal(More)
A new line code called “DmBlM” which is suitable for a very high-speed optical digital transmission system is described. This code possesses a good balance of marks and spaces, and has jitter suppression capability as well as a simple in-service error-monitoring function. This paper presents fundamental analyses of the DmBlM code and experimental results at(More)
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