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This paper proposes number-driven perceptual segmentation of natural color images using a fuzzy-based hierarchical algorithm for an easy decision of the optimal segmentation result. A fuzzy-based homogeneity measure makes a fusion of the L*a*b* color features and the SGF texture features. Proposed hierarchical segmentation method is performed in four(More)
We propose an approach to build a 3D modeling environment for aiding new shape conceptualization. The proposed system consists of the following four functional components: (a) a freehand sketch interface to allow the user to easily bring his/her rough design idea into a 2D geometric model, (b) a shape approximation module (SAM) to automatically convert the(More)
In this paper, a fuzzy spline interpolation technique is proposed to give a fuzzy model of sampled freehand curves that involve vagueness (associatedwith roughness is drawing) in their positional information. The fuzzy model is an extension of ordinary spline curves. Because the model inherits geometric characteristics from spline curves and can be handled(More)
In conventional vector quantization (VQ), for example, generalized Lloyd algorithm (GLA), an image is divided into blocks that are all the same size. This uniform division could be redundant. Furthermore, it could not attain both a high compression rate and high quality of encoded image. We propose a new method of VQ in which the block size to divide an(More)