Sato Saga

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In the case of simulators of mobile robots, it is necessary to clarify the similarity between actual and simulated robots in order to improve the efficiency and transparency of simulators as research tools. Because of its real-time performance, USAR-Sim [1] has been popularly used in studies involving human-robot interactions. However, since USARSim uses(More)
This paper proposes number-driven perceptual segmentation of natural color images using a fuzzy-based hierarchical algorithm for an easy decision of the optimal segmentation result. A fuzzy-based homogeneity measure makes a fusion of the L*a*b* color features and the SGF texture features. Proposed hierarchical segmentation method is performed in four(More)
In this paper, we present a segmentation method of noisy color images that uses an anisotropic diffusion algorithm and a region-growing algorithm. We propose a modified anisotropic diffusion algorithm as a new precise edge-preserving smoothing technique by using the dynamic morphological filtering. We incorporate a dynamic selection of multiple structuring(More)