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Today, PSE emerges as a promising approach for providing programmers with high-level abstract functions Particularly for numerical programs which essentially handle large arrays, abstract representation of array-handling functions is very important. Idiom recognition can be a bridge between abstract source programs and concrete architectures. It can remove(More)
The use Graphic Processing Units (GPU) as computing accelerators has been. Nevertheless, writing efficient GPU programs is a difficult and time consuming task. In this paper we present the Linear Performance Breakdown Model (LBPM), an analytic model that is used to extract the breakdown of GPU kernel programs execution time into the three major components(More)
  • Sato Hiroyuki
  • 2009
Much effort has been performed for performance tuning. However, it is becoming clear that performance tuning is much harder in complicated modern parallel architectures. For performance tuning, compiler approach was prevailing in the era of vector architecture. Today, instead, PSE approach which provides users with abstract programming emerges, which also(More)
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