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Headache associated with cervical lesions is called cervicogenic headache and involves the occiput but not the orofacial region. However, patients occasionally present with orofacial pain accompanied by neck symptoms. This study investigates whether orofacial pain can originate from the neck and whether cervical plexus block can help in diagnosis. We(More)
The aim of our retrospective study was to determine whether electromyographic findings (motor unit action potentials, MUAPs) can be used in long-term prognosis for profound facial nerve paralysis in patients whose nerve continuity is preserved during surgery for acoustic neuroma. The orbicularis oris, frontal, and orbicularis oculi muscles were examined for(More)
Primary epidermoid tumors comprise about 1% of all central nervous system neoplasms, although the diploic epidermoid tumor is comparatively rare. Two cases of diploic epidermoid tumor are reported in this paper. Case 1: A 70-year-old man presented with a headache. A plain craniogram showed an osteolytic lesion of the occipital bone with a well defined(More)
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