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OBJECTIVE To check the validity of Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (IMNCI) algorithm for young infants (0-2 months). DESIGN Prospective observational study. SETTING The outpatient department and emergency room of a medical college attached hospital. METHODS 419 infants (176 between 0-7 days, 243 between 7 days to 2 months)(More)
BACKGROUND Limbic encephalitis, an immune-mediated encephalitis, results from inflammation in the medial temporal lobes. The paraneoplastic form is rare in pediatric population, and frequently precedes tumor diagnosis. CASE CHARACTERISTICS A 9-year-old boy receiving chemotherapy for Hodgkin lymphoma, developed headache, temporal lobe seizures, anxiety,(More)
The radiological diagnosis of osteolytic lesions of the long bones in pediatric population constitutes a challenge when the case history and clinical data are uncharacteristic. We believe that the description of few clinically and histologically proven cases to verify the existence of radiological signs useful for diagnosis may be of interest. Here, we(More)
Histogram equalization (HE) is one of the common methods used for image enhancement. Histogram equalization has proved to be a simple and effective image contrast enhancement technique. The major difference among the methods in this family is the criteria used to divide the input histogram. For preserving the input brightness of the image, there is a(More)
Leishmaniasis has recently garnered attention as one of the diseases 'most neglected' by drug research and development, as the current therapeutic modalities available for the patients are ridden with unacceptable toxicity due to high dosage of the drug, prolonged treatment schedules, resistance and prohibitive costs. A successful chemotherapy requires a(More)
Wilson's disease rarely presents with isolated neurological complaints without any hepatic involvement. Refractory rickets with Wilson's disease has been infrequently reported in literature. We are reporting a case of isolated neurological Wilson's disease associated with refractory rickets which on complete evaluation was diagnosed as familial(More)
Emergence of drug resistant tuberculosis is one of the major challenges faced by health community globally. Tuberculosis is an important cause of morbidity and mortality among children in endemic areas, yet little is known regarding epidemiology of pediatric tuberculosis and even far lesser information is available about epidemiology, diagnosis, management(More)