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Companies seeking new ideas or product concepts from outside sources may find the "innovation bazaar," with its wide array of choices and methods of acquiring them, a confusing, chaotic place. Nambisan and Sawhney have crafted a conceptual guide for managers who understand the importance of going outside their firms for innovation but are uncertain about(More)
Rapid and pervasive digitization of innovation processes and outcomes has upended extant theories on innovation management by calling into question fundamental assumptions about the definitional boundaries for innovation, agency for innovation, and the relationship between innovation processes and outcomes. There is a critical need for novel theorizing on(More)
D espite the hype associated with Web technology, it is becoming clear that adoption of this technology is not as smooth sailing as many business organizations assumed it would be. Granted, there are thousands of corporate Web sites and many organizations have implemented or are in the process of implementing their own intranets. However, as recent studies(More)