Satish Madhogaria

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The enteric pathogen Salmonella is the causative agent of the majority of food-borne bacterial poisonings. Resent research revealed that colonization of plants by Salmonella is an active infection process. Salmonella changes the metabolism and adjust the plant host by suppressing the defense mechanisms. In this report we developed an automatic algorithm to(More)
In this paper, we present a pixel-based, discriminative classification algorithm for automatic detection of unhealthy regions in leaf images. The algorithm is designed to distinguish image pixels as belonging to one of the two classes: healthy and unhealthy. The task is solved in three steps. First, we perform segmentation to divide the image into(More)
Detection of cars has a high variety of civil and military applications, e.g., transportation control, traffic monitoring, and surveillance. It forms an important aspect in the deployment of autonomous unmanned aerial systems in rescue or surveillance missions. In this paper, we present a two-stage algorithm for detecting automobiles in aerial digital(More)
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