Satish Chandraprakasam

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Touraine Solente Gole syndrome, a relatively rare inherited disorder is epitomized by finger clubbing, skeletal changes and pachyderma. We report a typical case of complete pachydermoperiostosis in addition to a thick fissured tongue, a yet unrecognized association and discuss the social cum clinical relevance of identifying this relatively uncommon(More)
Transseptal puncture is increasingly utilized in electrophysiology and interventional cardiology. With a wide range of therapeutic indications, incidence of iatrogenic atrial septal defect (iASD) is likely to increase. However, the clinical and hemodynamic significance of iatrogenic atrial septal defect is not clear. We report a case of an 88year old woman(More)
Heart failure (HF) continues to grow and affect more than five million people in the USA. One of the leading device therapies in HF is cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) which has been studied for over 20 years. Recent advancements in lead placement, lead technology, patient selection, and CRT optimization by electrical maneuvers and imaging modalities(More)
INTRODUCTION Dobutamine stress testing is a commonly used modality in detecting and estimating the prognosis in coronary artery disease (CAD). Although it is well tolerated by most patients, adverse events have been reported. Rarely, transient wall motion abnormalities can occur in the absence of obstructive CAD to suggest stress cardiomyopathy. CASE(More)
We present a case of reversible stress cardiomyopathy in a surgical patient, described here as a forme fruste due to its atypical features. It is important to recognize such unusual presentation of stress cardiomyopathy that mimics acute coronary syndrome. Stress cardiomyopathy commonly presents as acute coronary syndrome and is characterized by typical or(More)
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