Satish Chandra

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Detection of brain tumors from MRI is a time consuming and error-prone task. This is due to the diversity in shape, size and appearance of the tumors. In this paper, we propose a clustering algorithm based on Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). The algorithm finds the centroids of number of clusters, where each cluster groups together brain tumor patterns,(More)
The Support Vector Machine (SVM) is a powerful classification technique that has been used extensively in the field of medical imaging. A model based on SVM with Gaussian RBF kernel is proposed here for the automatic detection of brain tumor from MRI images. Various textural characteristics of the MRI images of human brain are extracted to construct a(More)
In last few decades, the application of biological methods and systems to the study and design of engineering systems and modern technologies have fascinated many researchers. Numerous mathematical and meta-heuristic algorithms for solving optimization problems have been developed and widely used in both theoretical study and practical applications. To(More)
The objective of this paper is to introduce theImproved-Ant Colony Optimization in VirtualCircuit Networks. We discuss AntNet, animproved version of Ant Colony applied as arouting protocol. A new model is proposed thatintroduces the application of Ant ColonyOptimization in the area of communicationnetwork. The proposed model is analyzed with theapplication(More)
Out of several location sensing systems developed over the past few years, Radio Frequency Identification is one of the efficient techniques that uses radio waves for wireless communication. In this paper Radio Frequency Identification is used as a Colony based localized technique for accurate tracking of objects in Smart Homes. In order to accurately(More)
Image segmentation is the pre-processing task for many computer assisted medical imaging applications. Recently, the Active Contour Models (ACMs) have shown their superiority over traditional low level techniques in segmenting ill-defined medical images. Irrespective of continual development and refinement of these models for the last decades, sensitivity(More)
Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm is a nature-inspired evolutionary algorithm that imitates the intelligent behavior of honey bee swarm. It is one of the recent algorithms that imitate the foraging behavior of bees. A bee swarm optimization to solve various numerical problems has been presented in this paper. The paper describes an algorithm for(More)
A distributed computing system uses the computational powers of the nodes on a network. Using a distributed approach a complex task can be divided into simpler tasks having less computational times. A serious difficulty in concurrent programming of a distributed environment is of node prioritization and load balancing. In this paper we present a novel(More)