Satish Chandra

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This is the era of Infopreneurs and web researchers for finding the best fit decisions. For general advice or recommendation, the information need arises. The advice should be such, that best fits the situational need, context and is feasible to afford. Research talks variedly about recommendation systems and expert finding systems for expert advice. These(More)
Bryophytes are the second largest group of land plants after angiosperms. There is very less knowledge available about medicinal properties of these plants. Bryophytes are popular remedy among the tribal people of different parts of the world. Tribal people use these plants to cure various ailments in their daily lives. Bryophytes are used to cure hepatic(More)
The Knowledge discovery tools and techniques are used in an increasing number of scientific and commercial areas for the analysis and knowledge processing of voluminous In formation. Recommendation systems are also one of Knowledge Discovery from databases techniques, which discovers best fit information for appropriate context. This new rage in Information(More)
Practitioners and researchers in the software industry have been comparing, from time to time, the state of the software engineering discipline to mature disciplines like civil, mechanical and electronics engineering. Efforts have been made to emulate the best practices in the other disciplines so as to deliver robust products and solutions with ease and at(More)
This paper briefly reviews the Emergency Telecommunications Services (ETS) requirements and identifies, at a high level, potential areas of impact by the next generation ETS requirements on the Internet Protocol networks. The current Internet Engineering Task Force activities in support of ETS are summarized. Specifically , the support for real-time(More)
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