Satish Chandra

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This paper briefly reviews the Emergency Telecommunications Services (ETS) requirements and identifies, at a high level, potential areas of impact by the next generation ETS requirements on the Internet Protocol networks. The current Internet Engineering Task Force activities in support of ETS are summarized. Specifically , the support for real-time(More)
In the present day situation, web service plays an important role in companies for sharing information. But due to the availability of large amount of web services that offer identical functionality, it is very difficult for the users to select the best service. This paper provides a model for efficiently selecting the web services among the set of existing(More)
Bryophytes are the second largest group of land plants after angiosperms. There is very less knowledge available about medicinal properties of these plants. Bryophytes are popular remedy among the tribal people of different parts of the world. Tribal people use these plants to cure various ailments in their daily lives. Bryophytes are used to cure hepatic(More)
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