Satish C. Jha

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Dynamic resource availability and lack of central control unit offer many challenges while designing medium access control (MAC) protocol for a distributed cognitive radio network (DCRN). In this paper, we propose a novel MAC design for DCRN which provides an efficient approach to address quality of service (QoS) requirements of delay sensitive applications(More)
Energy consumption in wireless communication system is rapidly increasing due to the growth in wireless multimedia access. Combating the adverse effects of excessive energy consumption demands for energy-aware system design called green communication, which has become the major focus of many researchers recently. In this paper, we propose user selection and(More)
Relay-based cooperative transmission in cellular network has been an area of tremendous research recently. Transmission via relays introduces power consumption at both the source and relay stations which may lead to less efficient system in terms of power consumption. Because of increasing energy cost for cellular systems and concern over environmental(More)
In multi-hop distributed cognitive radio network, link layer resource allocation must consider the information about number of hops packets have already traveled in the network in order to optimize the overall resource utilization. The loss of a packet after traveling some hops results in waste of all the resources allocated to it in previous hops. The(More)
Channel state information (CSI) at the base station (BS) is critical to resource allocation design for wireless networks, but it is hard to obtain accurate CSI in a high mobility vehicular environment. In this paper, we study the spectrum and power allocation problem in device-to-device (D2D)-enabled vehicular networks, where CSI of vehicular links is only(More)