Satinder N. Manocha

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Inter-species differences exist in the form and frequencies of primate behaviors (CARPENTr.R 1942). In reactions to novel situations also, some taxa are more reactive than others. For example, Bm~NSTEIN et al. (1963) found that as compared to rhesus monkeys, the gibbons were more active, manipulative, and less fearful in unfamiliar situations. In what way(More)
The present experiment was conducted to examine the effects of a mild dose of a “tranquillizing” drug, chlorpromazine, on the lever-pressing behaviour of albino rats. Twelve male rats were divided into two groups characterized by high and low performance on the basis of their leverpressing scores in the Skinner box. The results showed that the responses of(More)
Combinations of effects of chlorpromazine with those of various levels of drive and habit on the lever-pressing response in the rat were studied in a factorially designed experiment. Twenty-seven white male albino rats served as subjects. Variations in drive level were obtained by “prefeeding” subjects different amount of water before testing, and in habit(More)
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