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Multiprocessor task scheduling is a NP-hard problem and Genetic Algorithm (GA) has been revealed as an excellent technique for finding an optimal solution. In the past, several methods have been considered for the solution of this problem based on GAs. But, all these methods consider single criteria and in the present work, minimization of the bi-criteria(More)
Scheduling of a task on a multiprocessor system represented by a directed acyclic graph for minimizing the different performance measures is a prominent problem in parallel processing. As judgment of an optimal schedule for multiprocessor task scheduling problem is a NP hard problem and different researchers have resorted for devising efficient heuristics.(More)
The objective of this study, carried out over 2 years, was to evaluate the effect of soil properties on the response of maize (Zea mays L.) to zinc applications and relate these properties to soil test Zn for predicting the Zn status of soils considering the effect of environmental conditions. The relative yield, expressed as an index of crop response, was(More)
Because of undesirable side effects of chemical methods pulsed underwater corona discharges are emerging as a potential future advanced oxidation process (AOP) for water disinfection. In pulsed corona discharges a discharge channel is created, which contains a non-thermal plasma with a low degree of ionisation and low electron densities, but with electron(More)
Attempts were made to find out the nature and cause of a widespread sugarcane chlorosis in a cane growing area. Soils from chlorotic and nonchlorotic fields did not differ markedly in pH, CaCO3, electrical conductivity, organic C, and soil test P, Zn, Cu, and Mn levels, but the chlorotic field soils had relatively more NH4OAc-extractable K and less clay and(More)
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