Sathyendra Ghantasala

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— This paper presents a methodology for the design of integrated robust fault detection and isolation (FDI) and fault-tolerant control (FTC) architecture for transport-reaction processes modeled by nonlinear parabolic Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) with time-varying uncertain variables, actuator constraints and faults. The design is based on an(More)
This paper presents a model-based networked control approach for managing Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) over communication networks. As a model system, we consider a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) plant that communicates with the central controller over a bandwidthconstrained communication network that is shared by several other DERs. The objective is(More)
This work develops a model-based approach for the detection and compensation of actuator faults in distributed processes described by parabolic PDEs with a limited number of measurements that are sampled at discrete time instances. Using an approximate finite-dimensional system that captures the dominant dynamics of the PDE, an observerbased output feedback(More)
This work develops a robust fault detection and isolation (FDI) and fault-tolerant control (FTC) structure for distributed processes modeled by nonlinear parabolic PDEs with control constraints, time-varying uncertain variables and a finite number of output measurements with limited accuracy. To facilitate the controller synthesis and fault diagnosis tasks,(More)
This work focuses on control of distributed processes modeled by linear parabolic partial differential equations (PDEs) with constrained and quantized control inputs. Using a suitable finite-dimensional model that captures the PDE's dominant dynamics, we first characterize the inherent conflict in the control design objectives when both control constraints(More)
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