Sathyanarsyan S. Rao

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Of 48 patients with spinal metastases treated at the Kenneth J. Norris Cancer Center at The University of Southern California Medical Center in Los Angeles, California between 1984 and 1987, 19 consecutive patients with cervical metastatic disease were identified and followed until death or remission. Prostate, breast, and lung neoplasms accounted for 57%(More)
Sixty-one cases of bacterial vertebral osteomyelitis from July 1969 to July 1979 were analyzed. The ages of the 49 men and 12 women ranged from 21 to 66 years. The portal of entry was hematogenous in 58 cases, gunshot wounds in two cases, and and adjacent retroperitoneal abscess in one case. Biopsy was performed in 60 patients. There were 15 complications(More)
The hypotheses that raw fruits, whether whole or pulped, were cleared rapidly from the mouth and that the sugars in the whole and pulped fruits are fermented with equal efficiency to acids by the oral microflora were tested in this study. Groups of 7-9 adult subjects chewed 10 g of raw, whole or pulped fruit (apple, banana, orange, pear and pineapple) for 1(More)
THE object of these studies was to analyse the proteins of bovine crystalline lens, aqueous, and vitreous humour to find out whether there are proteins common to these tissues and to bovine serum. Apart from the theoretical interest, there was also the practical aspect that the results might throw some light on the problem of endophthalmitis(More)
This study compares the compression strength of frozen corticocancellous iliac blocks and short fibular segments with freeze-dried, partially ("surface") demineralized microperforated (FDPDM) short femoral segments. Three blocks from each iliac crest and segments from the fibular and femoral diaphyses were retrieved. The femoral segments were(More)
A 22-year-old man suffered two noncontiguous burst fractures of the thoracic spine after minor motor vehicular trauma. He was diagnosed with pathologic spinal burst fracture associated with osteogenesis imperfecta Sillence Type 1A. The diagnosis was based on the relatively minor nature of the trauma, clinical characteristics, roentgenograms, and detailed(More)
The use of surface demineralized micro-perforated femoral allograft (SDMFA), in the form of short diaphyseal segments, is of interest for anterior thoracic and lumbar spine reconstruction. Its reported osteoinductive capacity is enhanced by demineralization, though the mechanical strength is reduced. The strength of SDMFA segments was significantly higher(More)