Sathyanarayanan Chandrasekharan

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In this paper we present the results of spectrum occupancy measurements conducted in different urban environments, in greater Melbourne area, Australia. We capture the dynamic nature of spectrum occupancy seen from a spatial perspective, by conducting spectrum monitoring measurements on board a mobile vehicle. With a wide spectrum window selected from 400(More)
In the recent years the millimeter wave spectrum is being explored as a prospective band for the next generation (5G) cellular communications. In this paper we study the propagation of the the millimetre wave spectrum using ray tracing model for an urban environment. We consider the ISM bands in 24GHz and 61GHz in particular and conduct ray tracing(More)
Providing “connectivity from the sky” is the new innovative trend in wireless communications. High and low altitude platforms, drones, aircrafts and airships are being considered as the candidates for deploying wireless communications complementing the terrestrial communication infrastructure. In this article, we report the detailed account of the design(More)
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