Sathya Gunasekaran

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Censorship circumvention systems that use HTTP as cover traffic make tradeoffs between deniability and performance by offering either deniability at the expense of performance (e.g., Infranet) or performance at the expense of deniability (e.g., StegoTorus). These systems do so because HTTP is typically very asymmetric, with very little capacity to carry(More)
The Association Rule Mining is the traditional mining technique which identifies the frequent itemsets from the databases and this technique generates the rules by considering the each items. The traditional association rule mining fails to obtain the infrequent itemsets with higher profit. Since association rule mining technique treats all the items in the(More)
World Wide Web is a repository containing an enormous amount of documents and hyperlinked documents. The information on the web is shared based on the user interest. The search through these documents considers the user query and retrieves documents that are related. Traditionally the search engine includes three operations such as searching, indexing and(More)
In the face of Scheduling, the tasks are scheduled by using Different scheduling Algorithms. Each Scheduling Algorithm has own particularity and complexity during Scheduling. In order to get the minimum time for the execution of the task the Scheduling algorithm must be good, once the performance of the scheduling algorithm is good then automatically the(More)
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