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Human population density in the coastal zone and potential impacts of climate change underscore a growing conflict between coastal development and an encroaching shoreline. Rising sea-levels and increased storminess threaten to accelerate coastal erosion, while growing demand for coastal real estate encourages more spending to hold back the sea in spite of(More)
4 Humans are increasingly altering the Earth's surface, and affecting processes that shape and 5 reshape landscapes. In many cases, humans are reacting to landscape-change processes that 6 represent natural hazards. Thus, the landscape is reacting to humans who are reacting to the 7 landscape. When the timescales for landscape change are comparable to those(More)
Developed coastal areas often exhibit a strong sys-temic coupling between shoreline dynamics and economic dynamics. " Beach nourishment " , a common erosion-control practice, involves mechanically depositing sediment from outside the local littoral system onto an actively eroding shoreline to alter shoreline morphology. Natural sediment-transport processes(More)
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