Sathish Chandra

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In this paper we propose a hardware real time operating system(HW-RTOS) solution that makes use of a dedicated hardware in order to replace the standard support provided by the POSIX layer of a general purpose RTOS for implementing task synchronization and scheduling. By redefining only the I/O APIs of the tasks, the HW-RTOS then takes care of the(More)
This paper describes an approach for predicting the pauses in the text utterance which has to be synthesized so as to increase the naturalness of the synthesized voice. We propose that the pause in an utterance depends on both the language syntax and also on the lexical structure of the sentence. Lexical based approach uses sub-word information such as(More)
Health outcomes, education, healthcare delivery and quality – 3057. Randomized, double blind comparative study to assess safety, efficacy with mometasone & formoterol versus fluticasone & formoterol dry powder inhaler (DPI) in the treatment of mild to moderate persistent asthma
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