Sathish Chandra

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In this paper we propose a hardware real time operating system(HW-RTOS) solution that makes use of a dedicated hardware in order to replace the standard support provided by the POSIX layer of a general purpose RTOS for implementing task synchronization and scheduling. By redefining only the I/O APIs of the tasks, the HW-RTOS then takes care of the(More)
Background Asthma is a problem worldwide, with an estimated 300 million affected individuals. Mometasone being newer drug has low systemic bioavailability, high glucocorticoid receptor affinity and modifies inflammatory mediators involved in the pathogenesis of asthma. Mometasone significantly improves PFT and symptom control in patients with asthma when(More)
Internet is a potent medium that can serve as a unique platform for the growth of retail brands in India. The Indian retail market is witnessing a revolution. The current web-based models for etailing are part of an embryonic phase preceding an era of rapid transformation, challenge, and opportunity in Indian retail market. It is not just the metros that(More)
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