Satheavanthan Hemavathy

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Lipoma is a common soft-tissue tumor. There are only very few reported cases of intraosseous lipoma of the jaws in the literature. Intraosseous angiolipomas are even rarer. The exact nature of these lesions is debatable, but it is widely accepted that they represent true benign tumors. These are slow-growing tumor consisting of a mass of mature fat cells.(More)
BACKGROUND Demonstrate the expression of CD105 (angiogenetic marker) in ameloblastoma (AM), keratocystic odontogenic tumor (KCOT) and dentigerous cyst (DC). MATERIAL AND METHODS Assessment of microvessel density (MVD) in 70 cases, including 20 KCOT, 20 DC and 20 solid AMs. Assessment of MVD should be done as the mean number of microvessels per(More)
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