Satean Tunyasrirut

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This paper presents design and implements a voltage source inverter type space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) for control a speed of induction motor. This scheme leads to be able to adjust the speed of the motor by control the frequency and amplitude of the stator voltage, the ratio of stator voltage to frequency should be kept constant. The fuzzy(More)
The paper describes the Fuzzy–PID cascade controller to control the level of horizontal tank that has diameter 300 mm and 480 mm long. Interface card module PCI-6024E in computer and Lab View software program is used for built the cascade controller. Structure of its where the inner loop is a PID controller for regulating flow rate of system and outer loop(More)
Smith predictor control is theoretically a good solution to the problem of controlling the time delay systems. However, there are few control design method of Smith predictor scheme for obtain the desired transient and steady state responses arbitrary. In this paper we present a design method of 2-DOF Smith predictor control system design by root locus(More)
This paper presents design and implements the state feedback controller to design using Matlab/simulink for a speed control system of DC motor. The proposed controller will be a state feedback with state observer controller incorporating integrator. The controller design by pole placement technique is also introduced to the system for regulates and tracking(More)
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