Satarupa Guha

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The large body of research on localization has been driven by the goal of providing users with location-based services, be it mapping and navigation or local alerts and advertisements. However, as we discuss in this paper, location information can over time provide deep insight about about a user, going well beyond the location domain itself. We argue that(More)
Following the footsteps of SemEval-2014 Task 4 (Pontiki et al., 2014), SemEval-2015 too had a task dedicated to aspect-level sentiment analysis (Pontiki et al., 2015), which saw participation from over 25 teams. In Aspectbased Sentiment Analysis, the aim is to identify the aspects of entities and the sentiment expressed for each aspect. In this paper, we(More)
Like SemEval 2013 and 2014, the task Sentiment Analysis in Twitter found a place in this year’s SemEval too and attracted an unprecedented number of participations. This task comprises of four sub-tasks. We participated in subtask 2 — Message polarity classification. Although we lie a few notches down from the top system, we present a very simple yet(More)
An overwhelming amount of data is generated everyday on social media, encompassing a wide spectrum of topics. With almost every business decision depending on customer opinion, mining of social media data needs to be quick and easy. For a data analyst to keep up with the agility and the scale of the data, it is impossible to bank on fully supervised(More)
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