Sasya Thakur

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The configurations at C-24 of 24-alkylsterols of six samples of Clerodendrum species (Verbenaceae) - the aerial parts of C. fragrans, C. inerme, C. infortunatum, C. scandens, and C. siphonanthus, and the seeds of C. infortunatum - were examined by NMR. All samples contained 24 beta-ethylsterols possessing a delta 25-bond, clerosterol and(More)
Consumption of food crops contaminated with heavy metals is a major food chain route for human exposure. In the present study, vegetables grown in the sewage and tube well water irrigation are Raphanus sativus, Daucus carrota and Brassica rapa. Concentration of Cd, Pb and Ni was significantly higher in sewage irrigated soil at all the four depths (0-15,(More)
A survey of isozyme polymorphism among glucose and non-glucose metabolizing enzymes was carried out in the laboratory population of Sarcophaga dux. Polymorphic levels were found to be within the range recorded for other dipterans. Polymorphism among glucose-metabolizing enzymes were found to be on an average less variable (Ho=0.186; He=0.163) than the(More)
Electrophoretically detectable genetic variation of five enzyme systems was analyzed in laboratory colonies of blow fly Chrysomya megacephala using Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). A sample of 50 individuals was analyzed for ten allozymic loci (LDH-1, APH-1, APH-2, APH-3, ACPH-1, ACPH-2, ME-1, ME-2, XDH-1 and XDH-2). Four of them were polymorphic(More)
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