Saswati Banerjee

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Testicular immotile sperm undergo maturation during epididymal transit when these cells pass through caput, corpus, and cauda-epididymal regions. Maturing goat spermatozoa specifically at the distal corpus epididymal stage show head-to-head autoagglutination when incubated in vitro in a modified Ringer's solution. Here, we show the biochemical mechanism of(More)
Many studies have implicated cell-surface lectins in heterologous cell-cell adhesion, but little is known about the participation of lectins in cellular adhesion in homologous cells. Here, we show the development of a cell model for investigating the direct role of a cell-surface lectin in homologous cell-cell adhesion. Parenchymal cells were isolated from(More)
We have synthesized and structurally characterized a new doubly chloro bridged dimeric copper(II) complex, [Cu2(μ-Cl)2(HL)2Cl2] (1) based on a Schiff base ligand, 5-[(pyridin-2-ylmethylene)-amino]-pentan-1-ol). Single crystal X-ray diffraction shows the presence of dinuclear copper(II) centres in a square pyramidal geometry linked by obtuse double chloro(More)
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