Saswata Ghosh

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Weather forecasting has become an important field of research in the last few decades. In most of the cases the researcher had attempted to establish a linear relationship between the input weather data and the corresponding target data. But with the discovery of nonlinearity in the nature of weather data, the focus has shifted towards the nonlinear(More)
This report is the result of an exploratory study of married young women and men in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh with regard to their situation and vulnerability to HIV and other adverse sexual and reproductive health outcomes. The study was conducted by the Population Council, as part of a larger project entitled Towards Messages that Matter:(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the socioeconomic and behavioural risk factors associated with hypertension among a sample male and female population in India. SETTING Cross-sectional survey data from a Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) of rural West Bengal, India was used. PARTICIPANTS 27 589 adult individuals (13 994 males and 13 595 females),(More)
Uterine sarcomas are rare and represent approximately 3.2% of all invasive uterine cancers. The annual incidence rate is less than two per 100,000 women. The median age at which uterine sarcoma diagnosed is 56 years. The most common histologic pattern is leiomyosarcoma (LMS) which originates from the myometrium or myometrial vessels. Uterine LMSs are(More)
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