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IoT SENTINEL: Automated Device-Type Identification for Security Enforcement in IoT
IoT Sentinel is presented, a system capable of automatically identifying the types of devices being connected to an IoT network and enabling enforcement of rules for constraining the communications of vulnerable devices so as to minimize damage resulting from their compromise.
Accelerometer-based transportation mode detection on smartphones
The primary contributions of this work are an improved algorithm for estimating the gravity component of accelerometer measurements, a novel set of accelerometers that are able to capture key characteristics of vehicular movement patterns, and a hierarchical decomposition of the detection task.
Theory and Practice of Bloom Filters for Distributed Systems
An overview of the basic and advanced probabilistic techniques is given, reviewing over 20 variants and discussing their application in distributed systems, in particular for caching, peer-to-peer systems, routing and forwarding, and measurement data summarization.
Carat: collaborative energy diagnosis for mobile devices
During a deployment to a community of more than 500,000 devices, Carat diagnosed thousands of energy anomalies in the wild and increased a user's battery life by 11% after 10 days (compared with 1.9% for the control group).
Distributed event routing in publish/subscribe communication systems
A distributed pub/sub system for scalable information dissemination can be decomposed in three functional layers: namely the overlay infrastructure, the event routing and the algorithm for matching events against subscriptions.
The Publish/Subscribe Internet Routing Paradigm (PSIRP): Designing the Future Internet Architecture
Through its application of pub/sub communications and efficient network design emphasizing end-to-end trust, it is believed that the PSIRP-reengineered Internet may resolve many of the problems plaguing the current Internet and provide a powerful and flexible network infrastructure with a high degree of resiliency.
Smartphone Energy Consumption: Modeling and Optimization
Part I. Understanding Energy Consumption and Energy Management and Conservation and Advanced Energy Optimization.
Security and Privacy in Device-to-Device (D2D) Communication: A Review
Device-to-device (D2D) communication presents a new paradigm in mobile networking to facilitate data exchange between physically proximate devices. The development of D2D is driven by mobile