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Imitation is crucial for proper development of social and communicative skills. Here, we argue that, based on an error analysis of a behavioral imitation task, adult Asperger and high-functioning autistic subjects suffer from an intriguing deficit of imitation: they lack the natural preference for imitation in a mirror-image fashion. The imitation task(More)
Hand and finger postures of other people are important body language cues that strongly contribute to the observer's decision about the person's intentions, thoughts, and attentional state. We compared neuromagnetic cortical activation elicited by color images of natural and distorted finger postures. The distorted postures contained computer-deformed joint(More)
BACKGROUND The thickness of vascular endothelial glycocalyx layer can be measured indirectly during a spontaneous leukocyte passage from oral submucosal capillaries in humans. The subsequent differences in red blood cell (RBC) column widths, before a spontaneous white blood cell passage (pre-WBC) and after a spontaneous WBC passage (post-WBC) can be used in(More)
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