Sastry Hari

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Continued technology scaling is resulting in systems with billions of devices. Consequently, these devices are are prone to failures from various sources resulting in a growing reliability threat. As this reliability problem is expected to affect the broad computing market, traditional solutions involving high redundancy, or piecemeal solutions targeting(More)
Testable fault tolerant system design has become vital for many safety critical applications. On the other hand, reversible logic is gaining interest in the recent past due to its less heat dissipating characteristics. Any Boolean logic function can be implemented using reversible gates. This paper proposes a technique to convert any reversible logic gate(More)
The multiplication and accumulation are the vital operations involved in almost all the Digital Signal Processing applications. Consequently, there is a demand for high speed processors having dedicated hardware to enhance the speed with which these multiplications and accumulations are performed. In the present conventional circuits, the multiply(More)
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