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Over the past few years, a number of research investigations have been initiated for static analysis of concurrent and distributed software. In this paper we report on experiments with various optimization techniques for reachability-based deadlock detection in Ada programs using Petri net models. Our experimental results show that various optimization(More)
Automotive telematics may be defined as the information-intensive applications that are being enabled for vehicles by a combination of telecommunications and computing technology. Telematics by its nature requires the capture of sensor data, storage and exchange of data to obtain remote services. In order for automotive telematics to grow to its full(More)
After several years of development, networked RFID is moving beyond the early adopter phase as more and more industry sectors are using this technology for increasingly diverse applications. Two main technological advances have made this possible: the wider availability of very low-cost and higher-range passive RFID tags that require no battery to operate,(More)
We describe a personalized recommender system designed to suggest new products to supermarket shoppers. The recommender functions in a pervasive computing environment, namely, a remote shopping system in which supermarket customers use Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to compose and transmit their orders to the store, which assembles them for subsequent(More)
An emerging challenge for software engineering is the development of the methods and tools to aid design and analysis of concurrent and distributed software. Over the past few years, a number of analysis methods that focus on Ada tasking have been developed. Many of these methods are based on some form of reachability analysis, which has the advantage of(More)
With an increasing number of businesses considering the possibility of launching location-aware, mobile commerce applications, the quality of the end-user experience will become more and more critical. We propose <i>dynamic bookmarks</i> and <i>location domains</i> as mechanisms to give consumers simple and straightforward access to a dynamically changing(More)
Within the North American freight railroad industry, there is currently an effort to enable more intelligent telemetry for freight trains. By enabling greater visibility of their rolling stock, including locomotives and railroad cars, railroad companies hope to improve their asset utilization, operational safety, and business profitability. Different(More)
As part of our continuing research on using Petri nets to support automated analysis of Ada tasking behavior, we have investigated the application of Petri net reduction for deadlock analysis. Although reachability analysis is an important method to detect deadlocks, it is in general inefficient or even intractable. Net reduction can aid the analysis by(More)