Sastri L. Kota

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co n n ec ti o n s co n tr o ls th e so u rc e ra te to th e m in im u m ra te su p p o rt ed b y a ll th e b ra n ch es o f th e m u lt ic a st tr ee . A n u m b er o f a lg o ri th m s h av e b ee n d ev el o p ed fo r ex te n d in g A B R co n g es ti o n av o id a n ce a lg o ri th m s to p er fo rm fe ed b a ck co n so li d a ti o n a t th e b ra n ch(More)
Though Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites have some distinct characteristics such as low propagation delay, low power requirements and more efficient spectrum allocation due to frequency reuse between satellite and spotbeams but the higher relative speed than terrestrial mobile networks decreases the quality of service as a result of a huge number of(More)
Several Ka-band satellite systems have been proposed that will use ATM technology to seamlessly transport Internet traffic. The ATM UBR, GFR and ABR service categories have been designed for data. However, several studies have reported poor TCP performance over satellite-ATM networks. We describe techniques to improve TCP performance over satellite-ATM(More)
We study the performance of Selective Acknowledgments with TCP over the ATM-UBR service category. We examine various UBR drop policies, TCP mechanisms and network con gurations to recommend optimal parameters for TCP over UBR. We discuss various TCP congestion control mechanisms compare their performance for LAN and WAN networks. We describe the e ect of(More)
The next generation global communication network infrastructure is designed to be all IP based, supporting various heterogeneous core and access technologies for broadband and mobile user applications. In this paper, we discuss the trends of broadband satellite communication networks to meet the emerging aeronautical and fast train applications, and mobile(More)
Compressed video is well known to be self-similar in nature. We model VBR carrying long-range dependent, multiplexed MPEG-2 video sources traffic. The actual traffic for the model is generated using fast-fourier transform of the fractional gaussian noise sequence. Our model of compressed video sources bears similarity to an MPEG-2 transport stream carrying(More)