Sassan Tabatabaei

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60 0740-7475/03/$17.00 © 2003 IEEE Published by the IEEE Computer Society IEEE Design & Test of Computers DEVELOPMENTS IN circuit design and process technology have enabled designers to implement effective mixed-signal ICs, in which complex digital blocks are integrated along with analog circuitry on a single chip. Testing such ICs, however, is the major(More)
MEMS-based oscillators offer a silicon-based alternative to quartz-based frequency references. Here, a MEMS-based programmable oscillator is presented which achieves better than 0.5-ppm frequency stability from 40 C to 85 C and less than 1-ps (rms) integrated phase noise (12 kHz to 20 MHz). A key component of this system is a thermistor-based(More)
Bounded uncorrelated jitter (BUJ), a subcomponent of total jitter, is commonly caused by crosstalk coupling from adjacent interconnects on printed circuit boards (PCB). However, the characteristics of BUJ are still not well understood. Neither a mathematical model of jitter, nor an algorithm to generate histograms for BUJ has been developed to this date.(More)
Jitter can be decomposed into several subcomponents, each having specific sets of characteristics and root-causes. This paper focuses on describing causes and measurement methods of jitter subcomponents. We first describe the relationship between a jitter PDF and bit error rate (BER) followed by a discussion on what causes jitter. Common jitter measurement(More)
A MEMS-based clock generator achieves sub-ps jitter in 0.18um CMOS. Key enabling techniques include a 48MHz MEMS oscillator, a reference doubler, a linear XOR-based PFD, a switched-resistor loop filter using accumulation mode NMOS varactors, and native NMOS devices with an RC filter. The overall output at 156.25MHz achieves an integrated phase jitter of(More)
+ vco output The effectiveness of current testing for digital IC’s has led researchers to explore the possibility of extending this concept to testing analog blocks of mixed-signal ICs. Unfortunately, test techniques developed for commonlystudied analog blocks such as op-amps and filters do not apply to non-linear blocks such as phase-locked loops. This(More)