Saso Polanec

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Firm productivity and export decisions are closely related to innovation activity. Innovation may play a more important role in the decision to start exporting, and successful exporting may drive process innovation. This suggests that the causality between innovation and exporting may run in both directions. Using detailed micro-data from innovation(More)
This paper provides an overview and discusses key findings of the 2002 Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS), implemented jointly by the EBRD and the World Bank. (The first round of the BEEPS was implemented in 1999.) Four important conclusions arise from the analysis. First, qualitative measures of the business environment in the(More)
This paper analyzes the impact of churning in the imported varieties of capital and intermediate inputs on firm export scope and productivity. Using detailed data on imports and exports at the firm–product-market level, we document substantial churning in both imports and exports for the Slovenian manufacturing firms in the period 1994-2008. On average, a(More)
Recent theoretical models of international trade with heterogeneous firms feature instantaneous adjustment of margins of exports to firm and market characteristics, and equality of distributions of margins of exports between new and incumbent exporters. By using the population of Slovenian firms and their transaction-level trade data we document large(More)
In this article, we analyse old-age retirement decisions of Slovenian men and women, eligible to retire in the period 1997-2003. In comparison to established market economies, we find relatively high hazard rates of retirement that decline with age. This unusual pattern can partly be attributed to weak incentives to work, inherent in the design of the(More)
This paper studies the impact of external reference values on managerial compensation contracts. We consider the e¤ect of adoption of non-binding pay norms on actual remuneration behavior using a unique country example. We …nd that introduction of pay norms changed the reference values for CEOs and led to adjustment of executive compensation towards new(More)
This paper adds a new dimension to the recent literature on relationship beween firm’s heterogeneity, exporting and productivity gains form exporting, namely the importance of the heterogeneity of foreign markets. Exploiting a rich and complete dataset for Slovenian exporting firms in the period 1994 2002, we demonstrate that, on average, exporting firms(More)
In this paper, we attempt to fill the gap in theoretical explanations of a large output decline that took place in the early years of transition process. The prevalent explanations, commonly found under the title of disorganisation, are succesful in explaining output decline in countries of former Soviet Union, but less so for Central and Eastern European(More)