Saskia Kuhnert

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BACKGROUND Although international scientific research on health issues has been dealing with the problem of aggression and violence towards those employed in health care, research activities in Germany are still at an early stage. In view of this, the aim of this study was to examine the frequency and consequences of aggressive behaviour towards nurses and(More)
Die Arbeit in der stationären Altenpflege und in der Geriatrie ist durch Faktoren gekennzeichnet, die die Entstehung von Burn-out begünstigen. Psychosomatische Beschwerden, Leistungsabfall, krankheitsbedingte Fehlzeiten und vorzeitiger Berufsausstieg werden in diesem Zusammenhang beobachtet. Der vorliegende Beitrag liefert eine Zusammenfassung der Forschung(More)
Caregivers of the residents in nursing homes are exposed to a high degree of physical and mental stress. The first part of this article deals with the development and evaluation of an intervention programme aiming at the staff's qualification to deal with these stresses. The main purpose of the programme was the improvement of the caregiver's methodical,(More)
The link between leaders' behaviour and health has only recently been the focus of scientific research and the results which already exist on this topic have, to date, not been systematically evaluated or summarized. The objective of this article is to make an attempt to provide a summarised overview of the current state of research. Subject-related(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUNG: As the number of dialysis patients increases, the psychological stress and strain suffered by dialysis personnel is of growing importance. For this reason a systematic review of the international literature was performed. METHODS A search of relevant databases for original studies or reviews published after 1990 resulted in 20(More)
This article is a follow-on from the first article on the development and evaluation of an intervention programme aiming to teach the staff of care facilities how to better deal with the mental strain they are exposed to. After a brief review of the programme's goal of 'increasing in-house health through staff development' and of the pilot study, this(More)
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