Sasithorn Chookaew

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FinFET technology has increasingly been adopted for use within integrated circuits thanks to its superior electrical integrity and scalability. However, most recent studies have concluded that FinFET circuits tend to be more vulnerable to negative bias temperature instability (NBTI) compared to planar MOSFET designs as a result of the self-heating effect.(More)
In the era of deep-nanoscale transistors, 3D structure of a FinFET strengthens the self-heating effect (SHE) that intensifies aging degradation. However, unlike planar devices, heat in FinFETs can improve the circuit performance due to the temperature effect inversion (TEI). This work investigates the impact of bias temperature instability (BTI) on(More)
This work proposes design and implementation of an optimal inverted pendulum controller using linear quadratic regulator (LQR) based on particle swarm optimization (PSO). The LQR feedback module is implemented on the Mitsubishi Q series-UDV programmable logic controller (PLC). In this paper, the optimum gains of the PSO based LQR are predefined offline by(More)
In the recent years, diagnosing students’ learning problems after testing and providing learning suggestions for them are an important research issue. Many studies have been conducted to develop a method for analyzing learning barriers of students such that helpful learning suggestions or guidance can be provided based on the analysis results. In this(More)
Recently, testing and diagnostic learning systems have been considered as a useful tool for analyzing students’ learning problems and giving helpful learning suggestions to them to improve their learning performance. Among the existing methods, a multi-expert approach has introduced a set of rules to integrate test item-concept relationship opinions given(More)
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