Sasirekha Krishnan

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Nitric oxide (NO) generated from neuronal nitric oxide synthase (NOS-1) in intrinsic cardiac ganglia has been implicated in parasympathetic-induced bradycardia. We provide direct evidence that NOS-1 acts in a site-specific manner to promote cardiac vagal neurotransmission and bradycardia. NOS-1 gene transfer to the guinea pig right atrium increased protein(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Ex vivo expansion of the limbal epithelial cells activates the nerve growth factor (NGF) mediated downstream signal transduction pathway. It is not clear as to which factors control the stemness of the corneal limbal stem cells, i.e., the maintenance of stem cell properties. It is likely that various signaling pathways are involved,(More)
The ex vivo cultured limbal stem cells over a biocompatible scaffold are used in the management of limbal stem cell deficiency as an ideal replacement for human amniotic membrane (HAM). A novel source of collagen from fish scales (FSC) was used to fabricate the scaffold. In this study, we have evaluated the physicochemical, mechanical, and culture(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Sources of autologous tissue that can functionally replace the corneal epithelium have been considered as an alternative to allogenous limbal transplants for limbal stem cells deficiency (LSCD). The aim of the present study was to compare the characterization of oral mucosa with limbal epithelial cells by markers using reverse(More)
The p63 gene supports stem cell proliferation and regulation in epithelial cells. In this study, corneal epithelial cells were cultured on human amniotic membrane (HAM) and investigated for p63 and its isoform genes. Human limbal biopsies obtained from cadaveric donor eyes were cultivated on intact and denuded HAM. Transactivation (TA) specific domain was(More)
PURPOSE To study the influence of serum-free B27 supplemented culture medium on corneal epithelial cells from limbal explants. METHODS Human limbal tissues obtained from cadaveric donor eyes were used in this study. The morphological characteristics of cultivated epithelial cells were analyzed by phase contrast microscopy. Growth kinetics,(More)
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