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—In this paper, a fast transient testing methodology for predicting the performance parameters of analog circuits is presented. A transient test signal is applied to the circuit under (cut) test and the transient response of the circuit is sampled and analyzed to predict the circuit's performance parameters. An algorithm for generating the optimum transient(More)
Production test costs for today's RF circuits arerapidly escalating. Two factors are responsible for thiscost escalation: (a) the high cost of RF ATEs and(b) long test times required by elaborate performancetests. In this paper, we propose a framework for low-cost signature test of RF circuits using modulation ofa baseband test signal and subsequent(More)
With the increasing complexity of manufacturing processes and the shrinking of device geometries, the performance metrics of integrated circuits (ICs) are becoming increasingly sensitive to random fluctuations in the manufacturing process. We propose a diagnosis methodology that can be used to infer the cause(s) of variations in performance of analog ICs.(More)
We propose a new Simulation-After-Test (SAT) methodology for accurate diagnosis of circuit parameters in large analog circuits. Our methodology is based on constructing a non-linear regression model using prior circuit simulation, which relates a set of measurements to the circuit's internal parameters. First, we give algorithms to select measurements that(More)
In this paper, a novel algorithm has been proposed to measure system specifications of an integrated transmitter, which capture the non-linearities of the system-under-test. The measurement of these specifications is important, as these determine the amount of " interference " created by the transmitting system in adjacent channels while transmitting data(More)
Measurement of Multi-Tone Power Ratio (MTPR) on the transmitter output of a central office ADSL analog front end device (AFE) poses stringent requirements on the linearity of the ATE digitizer. Cost of the ATE digitizer that can perform this test in a specification compliant manner is prohibitively high. In this paper, a test technique to perform TX MTPR(More)