Sasikumar Arumugam

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A novel BODIPY-containing organic small molecule is synthesized and employed as a down-converting layer on a commercial blue light-emitting diode (LED). The resulting hybrid device demonstrates white-light emission under low-current operation, with color coordinates of (0.34, 0.31) and an efficacy of 13.6 lm/W; four times greater than the parent blue LED.
The behavior of biosensors is based on the well-defined physical, chemical and biological reactions, which are expressed by nonlinear differential equations. The characteristics of diffusion reaction of choline biosensor are analyzed mathematically for wide range of input parameters such as initial concentration of choline and thickness of choline oxide(More)
The continuous increase in the level of greenhouse gas emissions and the rise in fuel prices are the main driving forces behind the efforts for more effectively utilize various sources of renewable energy. In many parts of the world direct solar radiation is considered to be one of the most prospective sources of energy. In this study, the thermal(More)
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