Sasikaran Kandasamy

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The pixel size imposes a fundamental limit on the amount of information that can be displayed or recorded on a sensor. Thus, there is strong motivation to reduce the pixel size down to the nanometre scale. Nanometre colour pixels cannot be fabricated by simply downscaling current pixels due to colour cross talk and diffraction caused by dyes or pigments(More)
We demonstrate that black silicon (b-Si) made by dry plasma etching is a promising substrate for laser three-dimensional (3D) micro/nano-polymerization. High aspect ratio Si-needles, working as sacrificial support structures, have flexibility required to relax interface stresses between substrate and the polymerized micro-/nano- objects. Surface of b-Si can(More)
The microfluidic applications of a ZnO/Sapphire based layered surface acoustic wave structure are being investigated. Properties of the ZnO/Sapphire layered SAW device including surface wave velocity and propagation loss were measured and correlated to the fluidic behavior of micro droplets. Acoustic streaming was observed in the form of two vortices. Micro(More)
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