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The networking field is looking forward to improved and efficient methods in channel utilization. For some text, data recovery becomes indispensable because of the importance of data it holds. Therefore, a lossless decomposition algorithm which is independent of the nature and pattern of text is today's top concern. Efficiency of algorithms used today(More)
The vital for many safety critical applications is the testable fault tolerant system. Due to its less heat dissipating characteristics, the reversible logic gaining interest in the recent times. Any Boolean logic function can be implemented using reversible gates. The credential part of the paper proposes a technique to convert any reversible logic gate to(More)
Hadoop is an open source implementation of the MapReduce Framework in the realm of distributed processing. A Hadoop cluster is a unique type of computational cluster designed for storing and analyzing large datasets across cluster of workstations. To handle massive scale data, Hadoop exploits the Hadoop Distributed File System termed as HDFS. The HDFS(More)
Energy efficient design for hardware and software implementations plays an important role in pivoting the system towards reliability without any considerable limitations. Energy consumption is a critical design issue in real time system. The main challenge in battery operated system is maintaining high performance. Dynamic voltage scaling and dynamic(More)
This paper describes the different techniques available for extracting mechanical energy from the waves and controls the wave power conversion system. Some sort of control system is necessary to get the maximum power output from the converter. Also the optimum oscillation of wave energy converter is important to get the maximum energy from the wave. In this(More)
The present scenario of drone technology is used in the field of surveillance. In our paper we are indulged with drones which can be controlled through cloud servers that can be accessed by smart devices. The concept of artificial intelligence are engineered in intricate situations. The drones are powered by hydrogen fuel cell thus increasing the duration(More)
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