Sasikala Adappan Ramu

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We prepared stable colloidal suspension graphene in aqueous medium by surface modification of graphene with 4-benzenediazonium sulfonate. The sulfonate group on graphene surface interacts with water, exhibits well dispersibility and which prevents the aggregation even at neutral pH. This dispersion shows stability for three months and facile to produce(More)
BACKGROUND Pseudostem and rhizome are the significant bio-waste generated (43.48%) from the banana plant post fruit harvest, which are usually left in the plantation or incinerated and wasted. Amounts used in production for consumption are negligible. However, the material has an important part to play in indigenous systems of medicine. Based on the huge(More)
The diversity, distribution and relative abundance of different organisms in the marine environment are influenced by the physico-chemical parameters of both the sediment and water. The hydrographical parameters of the biotopes are largely responsible for the biological productivity. Especially, the salinity, dissolved oxygen and organic matters play a key(More)
The Master thesis explores the knowledge sharing that takes place during the requirement engineering phase of globally distributed information systems development. In recent years, due to globalization, information systems development activities have become increasingly distributed across different geographical locations. Requirement engineering is an(More)
The aim of this study was to isolate and characterize a new acephate-degrading bacteria from agricultural soil and to investigate its biodegradation ability and pathway of degradation. A bacterial strain Is-6, isolated from agriculture soil could completely degrade and utilize acephate as the sole carbon, phosphorus and energy sources for growth in M9(More)
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